Nikko Metronomes are manufactured and assembled, including the entire parts in JAPAN.

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Wooden Jumbo

Wooden Jumbo

Jumbo with handle 110-H

It is our grand metronome, ideal for playing in concert. The grand metronome stands at 37cm, the long pendulum is easy to see. Natural tone from its select wood case which features a classy wooden outlook.
It is equipped with a handle on the backside. The handle would help carry the Jumbo out easily.


tempo range 40 - 208 beats / min.
bell 2, 3, 4, 6
weight 1,639 g
dimensions 22.0 × 37.0 × 22.0 cm | 8.66 × 14.57 × 8.66 inches
attachment Wooden Front Cover
power Spring | No Battery