Nikko Metronomes are manufactured and assembled, including the entire parts in JAPAN.

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Clear font - high contrast - metronome

Clear font metronome Black

Black 264

We have enlarged the font for frequently used tempos on this metronome. A black body makes a sharp contrast with silver scales. People who have a hard time reading small fonts without reading glasses can easily read with this metronome. The contrasted background and large text in the instructions provide for the visually impaired readers.

The tempo setting is identical with that of the standard metronomes, so the desired tempo can be selected by sliding the weight up or down the pendulum. A detailed list of all tempo settings can be found in the instruction sheet.


tempo range 40 - 208 beats / min.
bell 2, 3, 4, 6
weight 486 g
dimensions 11.0 × 20.7 × 11.7 cm | 4.33 × 8.15 × 4.61 inches
attachment Front Cover
power Spring | No Battery