Nikko Metronomes are manufactured and assembled, including the entire parts in JAPAN.

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Beware of Counterfeit products

Thank you for using "NIKKO Metronome". We are proud that so many customers around the world purchase our "NIKKO" brand because of its high level of quality and reliability.

However, unfortunately we have confirmed that counterfeits of our "NIKKO Metronome" are being sold, mainly online. Please pay extra attention to products with extreme low price or suspicious design and color.

In some cases, sellers located in China have claimed to be selling genuine "OEM" NIKKO Metronomes, but such products do not exist in the market. We have never made OEM for Chinese brands, nor have we done OEM of our own brand products.

Since 1961, consistently, we have been manufacturing and assembling our "NIKKO" brand ourselves, in Japan only. The use of our "NIKKO" brand without our permission is illegal, and when we locate these counterfeiters, we use all means to protect our trademarks.

We regret to inform you that we cannot take responsibility for any counterfeit products or accept return, exchange or repair them. If you have purchased an unusual or suspicious product, please directly contact the seller.

In order to avoid purchasing counterfeit products, please purchase our "NIKKO Metronome" in reliable musical instrument stores in your country or our authorized online sellers.