Nikko Metronomes are manufactured and assembled, including the entire parts in JAPAN.

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Wooden mini

Wooden mini Natural

Natural 331

Wooden mini Wine Color

Wine Color 332

It is our compact and portable metronome so you could bring anywhere easily also with two color selections, Natural and Wine Color. In spite of the small wooden metronome, the great crisp and comfortable sound has been realized by the slits in the body. Conveniently, the cover is removable. Each metronome has been manufactured and carefully assembled from planks by our craftsmen in Japan. Also, it is very attractive with an elaborate finish.


tempo range 40 - 208 beats / min.
weight 210 g
dimensions 4.2 × 12.4 × 6.3 cm | 1.65 × 4.88 × 2.48 inches
attachment Wooden Front Cover
power Spring | No Battery